Group Registrations (“I want to register a group”)

Group registration is possible ONLY for groups of more than 10 participants. For small groups with less than 10 people, please process a Third-Party registration.

Group registration has to be processed online by the Group Leader: please select the panel “GROUP REGISTRATION”.

A GROUP registration is only valid if the following conditions are met before the relevant deadline:

  • Congress tickets are paid in full
  • The attendee list is duly filled out online with participants’ names
  • Each attendee is assigned a ticket

Registrations not adhering to these rules will not be considered. Blank registrations are not allowed. Undistributed tickets are cancelled after each deadline.

The active (working or private) email address of every participant is a mandatory requirement in order to register every delegate. The Registration Team will not contact your attendees directly.

The active (working or private) email address of your attendees is needed in order to:

  • Recognize an EADV Member: the registration system identifies an EADV Member by their email address. The email address needs to be the one linked to the membership account. Please double check it with your delegate
  • Avoid double registrations: the system notifies you when an email address is already in use for the same attendee registration
  • Download Certificates of Attendance, e-Posters, CME Certificates: these are confidential documents; therefore, every participant has to download them individually after the congress.
    Invalid/fake email addresses prevent the client from downloading the above-mentioned certificates as well as the EADV App.

By processing a Group registration, the Group Leader is entitled to:

  • process name changes individually and free of charges (please check our Name Change Policy)
  • manage or download the singular QR coded vouchers of each attendee
  • apply and receive invitation letters for each attendee
  • download excel exports including the list of registered attendees and paid fees
  • apply for Group pick-up of the badges: by appointment only, you can pick up all the badges included in your registration the day before the congress. Since places are limited, book your pick-up in advance

Any special requests must be sent to the Registration Department ( no later than Wednesday, 25 September 2019. Any requests received after this date will not be considered.

Follow our registration instructions to ensure a smooth Group registration process.

Group Registration Instructions