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Refund Policy2019-05-15T11:50:55+02:00


Refund Policy

  • A EUR 50 cancellation fee per ticket cancelled is applicable to all refunds
  • Refunds are processed according to the method of payment chosen to pay the registration:

Refund via bank transfer:

  • The country in which the participant lives (or in which the company performing the registration is located) must be the same as where the bank is located;
  • In case the refund is not accepted by the bank, all bank charges are at the expense of the participant (or of the company registering the participant)

Refund by credit card: make sure that the credit card details are the same as the ones used to settle the online payment

  • All refunds are made within 2 months after the end of the event
  • Refunds are not made in case a visa application has been rejected by an embassy/consulate
  • In case of double payment, refund requests must be accompanied by valid proof of such circumstances
  • Workshop bookings can be cancelled, however no refund is possible
  • Participants submitting and paying their registration incorrectly are not entitled to reimbursement. For example, participants registering as Non-Members and (at a later stage) becoming EADV Members will not receive a reimbursement of the difference between the two fees. Nor if, despite being active EADV Members, they create a new profile and register themselves as Non-Members. This rule applies also to Third-Parties/Group Leaders processing the registration for their delegates incorrectly. Please double check with your delegate that the email address provided to you is the one linked to EADV Membership
  • Group Leaders purchasing an incorrect number of tickets, selecting a wrong ticket type or processing double registrations are not entitled to reimbursement. Instead, a credit will be available on the registration account until the closure of the online registration period (25 September 2019). After this date, any remaining credit will not be refunded.
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