Third-Party Registrations (“I want to register someone else”)

  • Third-Party registrations (from 1 to 9 participants) are the best option for any person or company in charge of a registration from 1 to 9 participants.
  • To manage the registration, create (or sign into) your personal EADV account. Do not register using someone else’s credentials.
  • This way, you will be the Registration Owner (contact person): all documents related to the registration (invoice, QR coded voucher, invitation letter, etc.) are sent to you exclusively.
  • Only you, as the Registration Owner, may request a change or amendment of the registration.
  • The Registration Team will not contact your delegates (clients) separately.
  • In order to register your delegates, please remember to:
      • Log into the registration system using your personal email account as contact person
      • Click on the panel “INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION” and select the option “Register someone else”
      • Insert the active (private or working) email address of your client at this stage only (by doing so, this allows them to download the EADV App on their smartphone at the congress and their personal certificates after the congress). Do not use fake email addresses.

    →  In case the person is an EADV Member, make sure that the email address inserted at this stage is the one connected to their EADV membership account, otherwise they will not benefit from preferential rates.

A Third-Party processing the registration directly from the participant’s account is not considered the Registration Owner. Therefore, they are not entitled to receive any documents or copies of them (even when the registration has been sponsored by them).

Any special requests must be sent to the Registration Department ( no later than Wednesday, 25 September 2019. Any requests received after this date will not be considered.

Follow our registration instructions to ensure a smooth Third-Party registration process.

Third-Party Registration Instructions