Workshops – Advanced Allergology

Advanced Allergology workshop

Date: Thursday, 10 October 2019
Times:  8:30-11:45
Cost:  30 EURO
Room: N111/112 (IFEMA North Convention Centre, 1st Floor)


Prof. Ana Maria Gimenez-Arnau

Dr. Sabine Altrichter

Prof. Mette Sommerlund


The workshop will focus on practical aspects about how to diagnose etiologically,  type I and type IV hypersensitivity  in cutaneous inmunoallergic diseases including  also the differential diagnosis of inducible chronic urticaria and  environmental induced dermatitis exacerbations in atopic patients.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the workshop the attendant should  know how to prescribe and perform the following diagnostic tests for chronic urticaria, immediate contact dermatitis and delayed contact dermatitis

1) Use of the provocation tests to distinguish the types of inducible urticarias and do  a differential diagnosis with other dermatological conditions,

2) Perform the cutaneous provocation test according with the protocols, which are necessary to do the diagnosis of one or other inducible urticaria and assess it severity looking for useful thresholds e.g cold, solar, cholinergic and others,

3) Assess control of the chronic inducible urticaria according the treatment prescribed using an specific validated questionnaire,

4) To decide when to prescribe and test patients,  to distinguish the types of immediate contact skin reaction and differential diagnosis with other dermatological conditions,

5) Decide and perform the provocation test, which is necessary to do the etiology diagnosis of immediate contact skin reaction such as contact urticaria or protein contact dermatitis, such as prick testing and others,

6) Identify the types of delayed contact dermatitis, eczematous or not and differential diagnosis with other Dermatological conditions,

7) Know how to perform Patch test and other delayed hypersensitivity tests, which are necessary to identify the contact allergen responsible of dermatitis that would need preventive measures.

Level of proficiency:

Dermatologist and fellows in dermatology that want learn or update practical aspects relating with diagnostic tests available to made an accurate etiological diagnosis on immune allergic diseases.

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