Workshops – Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment workshop

Date: Friday, 11 October 2019
Times: 8:30-11:45
Cost: 30 EURO
Room: N111/112 (IFEMA North Convention Centre, 1st Floor)

Prof. Albert Wolkerstorfer

Dr. Pablo Boixeda

Prof. Keyvan  Nouri


The main goal of the workshop is to gain insight into the essentials of laser dermatology and improve outcomes in laser therapy. It will focus on vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, laser endpoints, how to avoid  complications, laser asisted drug delivery and  ablative and fractional lasers. Each of these topics will be systematically approached by an expert through 1) a short introduction, 2) an overview of available devices, 3) a review of indications, 4) an interactive panel discussion with tips, tricks and pitfalls. Questions from the audience are welcome throughout the whole workshop.

Learning objectives:

1) summarize the basics of laser and IPL therapy,

2) acquire an overview over commonly used laser devices,

3) acquire an overview over common indications and outcomes of laser therapy,

4) identify optimal endpoints and avoid complications

Level of proficiency:

The workshop is directed to beginners in the field, residents in dermatology and slightly experienced laser practitioners. Basic knowledge about laser physics and general aspects of laser skin interaction is preferred, but not required.

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