Workshops – Ultrasound: Practical hands-on dermatology

Ultrasound: Practical hands-on dermatology workshop

Date: Friday, 11 October 2019

13:15-16:30 (afternoon session)

*only sign up for one of these courses- the morning and afternoon sessions are the same

Cost: 30 EURO
Room: N111/112 (IFEMA North Convention Centre, 1st Floor)

Dr. Fernando Alfageme

Dr. Eugenio Cerezo

Dr. Esther Roe Crespo

Dr. Orlando Catalano

Dr. Priscila Giavedoni


The workshop will be directed to dermatologist who want to implement dermatologic ultrasound as a diagnosthic method in his/her practice.

Learning objectives:

Learning objectives of the workshop are:

1)  Practical  basic ultrasound equipment knobology  training

2)  Learning by doing scanning protocols  of skin, hair and nails

3)  Performing systematic exploration of axilla and groin in patients with melanoma

Level of proficiency:

Open to all

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